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The Mike Eisenberg Memorial Ball Machine is the first of a new type of interactive ball machine sculpture that we have developed to more fully integrate into existing structures. This unique wall-mounted ball machine sculpture is human-powered, offering a fully interactive experience. The University of Colorado Boulder unveils this pioneering ball machine sculpture in honor of the late Professor Mike Eisenberg, who was a distinguished figure in the Department of Computer Science and Institute of Cognitive Science. As a revered educator and co-director of the Craft Technology Lab, Professor Eisenberg was known for fusing traditional children's crafts with cutting-edge technologies, fostering a unique realm for innovative learning experiences. This commemorative ball machine sculpture stands as a testament to Professor Eisenberg's profound contributions to education, technology, and the arts, perpetuating his legacy within the academic and artistic community at the University of Colorado Boulder.


More details can be found at the University of Colorado Boulder website




University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO


13’ L x 7’H


George Rhoads

Creative Machines

Mike Eisenberg Memorial

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