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“All Systems Go!” Fabrication Continues

Over the last few weeks All Systems Go has been taken apart, powder-coated in an array of bright colors, and put back together again with all its finishing touches. After the machine was reassembled we began the testing phase where the machine runs for 1,000 hours prior to leaving our shop. This process allows our team to notice any kinks that may arise and gives us an opportunity to fix any technical issues that may occur before we deliver the sculpture to our client.

This ball machine will be installed in the brand new Cayton Children’s Museum (formerly known as Zimmer Children’s Museum) this spring and includes a variety of interactive components. The hand-painted details on this sculpture are done by Tucson artist Jim Stone. Here are some new photos of the newly powder-coated rolling ball sculpture shortly after its reassembly in our shop.

Look back on previous behind-the-scenes updates documenting the making of All Systems Go:


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