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Beat Bender

Many people cannot play a drum set, but with the Beat Bender, they can create beats by tapping on the 4 metal circles on the head of the drum. Each circle plays a different sound, and the sound can be changed by touching the smaller button inside each metal circle. There is also a knob that users can turn to change the pitch of the sounds they are playing. People of all ages start with a simple beat and often move to more complex compositions.

This electronic drum is specially designed to withstand the harsh environment of outdoor public settings such as public parks and city squares. Its base is lit by several long-lasting LEDs that provide light to the surroundings and change color when visitors move the pitch bend wheel. Built for longevity, the drum is enclosed entirely in laminated polycarbonate and galvanized steel.


National Science Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Ochoa Park, Tucson, AZ

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