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Located at an upscale apartment community called Elements in Irvine, California, this teardrop-shaped sculpture operates at a distance as a monumental form. Upon closer inspection, visitors can discover the word "elements" in eleven languages which, coupled with the simple geometry and gentle curve, offers an organic contrast to the surrounding architecture. 

This three-dimensional lantern creates visual interest during the day with power-coated blue interior, and comes to life at night, offering intense LED lighting brilliantly illuminating and projecting intricate and colorful shadows. The lighting brings the sculpture to life and activates the surrounding sidewalk with color. The lighting automatically cycles through different colors creating a dynamic experience that maximizes the potential for interaction and discovery.


2018, completed


Elements​ Luxury Apartments, Irvine, CA


10' H x 7'6 1/4" Diameter


laser cut stainless steel, LED lighting, electronics


English, Mandarin, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Hindi, German, French, and Vietnamese

Commissioning Agency: 

Campos Verde, LLC


Joe O'Connell


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