Elements is a stainless steel teardrop-shaped sculpture composed of bands with the word “elements” in English, Mandarin, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Hindi, German, French, and Vietnamese. The piece is located at Elements, an upscale apartment community located in Irvine, CA.

The sculpture operates at a distance as a monumental form but also rewards close scrutiny over many visits thereby maximizing the potential for interaction and discovery. The simple geometry and gentle curve of the teardrop offers an organic contrast to the surrounding architecture.

The curving bands in the sculpture are water jet cut, hammer formed and welded together to create a three-dimensional lantern. The interior of the sphere is powder-coated blue adding subtle color and visual interest during the day. At night, intense point-source LED lighting brilliantly illuminates the sculpture and projects intricate and colorful shadows. The lighting brings the sculpture to life and activates the surrounding sidewalk with color. The lighting automatically cycles through different colors creating a dynamic experience.


2018, completed


Elements​ Luxury Apartments, Irvine, CA


10' H x 7'6 1/4" Diameter



laser cut stainless steel, LED lighting, electronics

Commissioning Agency: 

Campos Verde, LLC


Joe O'Connell