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Find Joy

Find Joy is an artpiece for sitting, climbing, and putting yourself at the center of a sculpture. From many directions, the tubes look like random squiggles, but if you walk around, you’ll see the word Joy jump out at you and find two concentric hearts to stand within. In life as well as art, you can find love and joy by aligning yourself to what is already there around you.

The three components of Find Joy are covered with animated LEDs. The LEDs are wet-location rated with custom fixtures designed to be serviced without getting into the sculptures. The sculptures are mild steel with a four-layer urethane coating that resists solar heat gain. This let’s people climb comfortably during daytime.




Kendall Square Roof Garden, Cambridge, MA


Joy 13’3” L x 7’ 11” W x 11’5”H x 13’3” 

Large Heart 15’ 2” L x 10’ 8” H

Small Heart 12’ 1” L x 9’ 2” H


Steel, LED Lights



Joseph O'Connell + Creative Machines

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