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Lite-BiTE is a bold and unexpected interactive traffic builder created for Amgen, the world’s largest independent biotechnology company. Lite-BiTE is a play on the classic children’s toy LiteBrite.


This tradeshow exhibit includes a giant moving T cell that is seen interacting with a cancer cell. We created Lite-BiTE to showcase the investigational technology BiTE (Bispecific T cell Engager) and to educate and elevate conference delegates’ understanding of Amgen’s groundbreaking technology. The T cell and malignant cells are connected to an automated computer-programmed pulley system that gives the visual illusion of the cells moving through the bloodstream.

Convention delegates were invited to initiate the process by placing a BiTE molecule peg into one of three receptors on the static malignant cell. Once the connection was made, a signal was sent to a roaming T cell, which began the engagement with the malignant cell by binding to the BiTE molecule. The ensuing visual experience depicts the creation of the synapse and the release of the perforins and granzymes. Perforins and granzymes transferred visually (using light) from the T cell into the malignant cell.

Lite-BiTE was originally created to appear at ASH (American Society of Hematology) 2014 but will be traveling to other annual meetings and expositions that Amgen attends.

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