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Marketing & Communications Manager

Are you a natural at marketing and communications with a passion for helping a company reach new clients? We are looking for an enthusiastic, self-motivated team member willing to take initiative, solve problems, strategize, and implement marketing approaches that help the world learn about what Creative Machines can do for them.

The Ideal

Thinker & Do-er: You enjoy both coming up with ideas and implementing them. You are just as happy developing a sophisticated global marketing strategy as you are implementing it by updating our website, creating a mailer, or designing a graphic. 


Expert Organizer: You understand that marketing efforts need a plan. You are comfortable overseeing multiple simultaneous plans, getting feedback on those plans, alerting people of their individual deliverables and making sure all tasks are completed on time. You have a strong attention to detail and understand how to outline the steps necessary to achieve a goal. 


Design Aficionado: You have an interest in current trends in design, exhibits, and art, and infuse this knowledge of the industry to help situate Creative Machines as a leader in the field.


Small Team Leader: You are passionate about working on a small team where all your ideas are heard and your work has a direct impact on the success of the company. You enjoy working on a wide variety of tasks from photography to video editing to writing blog posts. You believe that no task is too small if it helps move the company forward.  


Skilled Storyteller: You consider yourself a storyteller at heart who can communicate through both writing and visual imagery. You are excited about communicating Creative Machines' unique story to the world and love coming up with strategies for greater exposure.


Feedback Seeker: Creative Machines is highly collaborative environment. You enjoy collaborating and can explain the thought process behind your creative work. You are extremely open to feedback and revising/tweaking projects to get it right.


  • Research new targets for direct marketing. Potential targets include: private developers, leaders at companies where we have an existing relationship, city officials in fast-growing regions and agencies that work on high profile public venues. Work with CM leadership to develop strategies to reach these groups proactively.

  • Manage RFQ application process. Use our existing system to collect RFQ announcements, choose which ones we apply to, communicate deadlines for deliverables and ensure RFQs have been submitted by Marketing Team.

  • Oversee content creation for multiple websites including adding new projects to websites, updating blogs, and making changes to site layout as needed.

  • Review website analytics and manage website SEO.

  • Create and update graphic layouts for proposal, brochures, and general marketing materials.

  • Oversee adjusting/updating existing templates such as letterhead, business cards, etc.

  • Manage the ordering and production of marketing/promotion materials such as business cards, brochures, etc.

  • Draft written content for short articles and blog posts. Review materials with CM leadership team and incorporate changes.

  • Oversee video production including taking video, video editing, organizing existing video assets on Youtube or Vimeo. Ensure visual consistency between videos and overall CM aesthetic.

  • Create/manage schedule for social media posts. Coordinate with Marketing Team to ensure that we are regularly posting to various social media platforms including LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

  • Manage graphic production: work with Marketing Team to produce graphics that meet project specifications, order graphics from various vendors, ensure graphics are received on time, QC graphics for issues, and help Fabrication Team install graphics as necessary.

  • Manage email blast strategy. Refine our existing mailing list, create a schedule for sending targeted email blasts multiple times a year, design layout, review with CM leadership, and make updates. Review analytics regarding responses and use data to improve future emails.

  • Oversee photography of projects in house and after installation. Create a schedule and work with team to ensure projects are properly documented through fabrication, shipping, and installation. Coordinate photography of projects after installation including vetting and hiring local photographers. Ensure visual consistency between photographs and overall CM aesthetic.

  • Develop connections with design blogs and publications. Submit CM work to be featured.

  • Oversee award applications. Create schedule for award submittals, review with CM leadership, and make sure award applications are submitted on time.

  • Manage and collaborate with current Marketing team member.


  • Extensive knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office

  • Strong writing skills

  • Strong graphic design skills

  • Ability to edit/update Wix website templates

  • Knowledge of website SEO

  • Ability to take professional photographs and video

  • Proficiency with video editing

  • Previous experience with graphics production

  • Knowledge of MailChimp, LinkedIn marketing, GoPros and/drones a plus.


  • Health Insurance

  • Employer matching Simple IRA retirement account

  • Discounted Dental and Vision plans

  • PTO

  • Paid Holidays

  • A Progressive Company Culture

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