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Only Connect

Only Connect is a net of neurons dancing overhead, with integrated LED lighting driven by an optical sensor housed in a kiosk. There are additional hidden sensors placed throughout the library that trigger special sequences in the LED lighting. The network of neurons extends outside the building to the retaining wall, showing that the mental and social connections made inside the library extend beyond its walls. The neurons are created from thousands of colored glass spheres which provide a joyous yet sophisticated counterpoint to the white interior and which shine brilliantly with color when light shines through them. Driving the network of LEDs is a sensor housed in the kiosk that responds to people waving their hands, to illustrations from children’s books, and the color of clothing worn by visitors.




Reby Cary Youth Library, Fort Worth, TX


121’-6” L x 35’ 8” W


Stainless steel, glass spheres, LED lighting, touch button, optical sensor, electronics

Commissioning Agency: 

City of Fort Worth


Joseph O'Connell

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