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Growing Home Fabrication Begins!

We have started fabrication on our new sculpture for San Diego, titled Growing Home. Growing Home is a sculpture group that is reminiscent of a scene that you find at the beach. A monumental shell sculpture at the center surrounded by enlarged beach pebbles works together to form a welcoming place for visitors to meet or sit in small groups. The shell sculpture is perforated with text that tells the history of San Diego. The text is arranged in bands that spiral down the shell in the same way that a shell grows from one season to the next. The most recent dates and events in San Diego history are closest to the opening at the bottom of the shell in the same way that a real shell has its most recent additions closest to the opening. At night, powerful point-source lights shine brilliantly through the perforations activating the space around the sculpture with the projected silhouettes of the words that make up the surface. The illuminated landscape around the shell becomes a magical space for exploration at night and when viewed from above.

Check back for more updates on the progression of Growing Home!


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