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Sculptures From Design to Reality: Stunning Before & After Comparisons

At Creative Machines, part of our mission is to inspire imagination. Our projects take a journey through the design phase that involves transforming concepts into fully realized sophisticated designs. Our design process includes modeling the concepts in various software platforms, breaking the design into parts, and planning for fabrication.

Here we are showcasing four recent projects with side-by-side videos of their 3D model rendering and completed sculpture, providing an immersive journey from concept to reality.

Maverick Spirit, Kohler Co. Global Headquarters, Kohler, WI, 2023

Standing at an impressive 26 feet tall and boasting a diameter of 8 feet, Maverick Spirit mesmerizes with its intricate design. The 61 stainless steel blades, meticulously crafted to symbolize each year of Herbert V. Kohler Jr.'s legacy, seamlessly transitioning from digital render to tangible reality. Every detail, from the perfect helix motion to the intricate stainless steel construction, mirrors the digital vision with breathtaking accuracy.


Bends Toward Justice, Atlanta, GA, 2022

The monumental sculpture in Atlanta, Bends Toward Justice is a beacon of progress and unity. Its six arches symbolize the journey towards perfect closure, towards justice. As visitors interact with handprints equipped with pressure sensors, they control the lighting within the arcs, casting a visible beacon of hope.

From rendering to reality, every detail of the piece reflects Creative Machines' commitment to delivering what was promised. We ensure our clients' expectations are met with precision and excellence.


Chasing the Stars, Goodyear, AZ, 2021

Chasing the Stars in Goodyear, AZ was designed with kinetic arms poised to respond to both the wind's gentle breezes and the audience's eager touch. Even the play of light and shadow, from the colorful daytime shadows to the mesmerizing LED glow at night, mirrors the envisioned experience depicted in the rendering. From its sturdy construction of painted steel to the innovative use of materials like Koda XT, "Chasing the Stars" embodies the vision set forth in the meticulous design phase.


Superbloom!, Triangle Park, Lancaster, CA, 2023

In the heart of Lancaster stands "Superbloom!" - a testament to the resilience of nature and the ingenuity of humanity. Inspired by the fleeting beauty of desert wildflowers and the city's aerospace legacy, this art installation seamlessly blends vibrant colors with industrial precision. Each element, from the colorful disks to the sturdy aluminum stalks, mirrors the harmony between organic growth and human innovation. The video demonstrates the artistic vision of "Superbloom!" is almost indistinguishable from the installed artwork.


About Creative Machines

At Creative Machines, we believe that the key to successful projects lies in effective collaboration with our clients and their communities. Our highly effective hands-on engagement process allows us to fully understand our client's needs, goals, and vision, and also work closely with their community as we design and create the artwork installation that they will know and love for many years to come. With our process, we ensure that our clients are involved in every step of the way, from ideation to final product delivery, resulting in a final product that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. We are committed to delivering innovative, high-quality, and engaging experiences that bring your ideas to life.


Our experienced team of artists, architects, project managers, engineers, and fabricators are waiting to hear from you. Whether you have questions, are requesting a quote, or need information about a custom interactive experience, we want to hear from you!

published on February 7, 2024

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