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Our Portable Filter Presses in Nepal

Our friends at Ceramic Water Filter Solutions have set up a new point-of-use water filter factory in Nepal using the latest batch of our Portable Filter Presses. We’ve recently improved our design thanks to feedback from Michael Stubna and some simulations by our intern Rishabh Parmar.

The portable filter press is a product we make available to NGOs like Potters for Peace and Ceramic Water Filter Solutions. Our press is easy to bring into foreign countries because it breaks down into pieces that can be completely checked in airline baggage. This overcomes the problem of customs delays in many countries that most need clean drinking water. Once inside a country that needs it, our press has proven itself durable and easily field-repairable. After a local ceramics company has used our press for some time and had some success, they typically feel they can build their own, or add hydraulic power. But without having the portable press to get them started, they would have difficulty getting their business off the ground.

“When I came to Nepal, I was making filters on the first day I was here.” Michael Stubna, Ceramic Water Filter Solutions.


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