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New Art for Lenexa, Kansas: Body Politic

We’re thrilled to begin work on one of our newest projects for the City of Lenexa, Kansas’s new Civic Center. The piece titled Body Politic is a 3D exploration of sharing public spaces with others. This idea is illustrated through the use of silhouetted figures laser-cut into two large, stainless steel spheres lit brightly from within with colorful LED lighting.

“Public spaces are all about looking at the silhouettes of others and judging their feelings, receptivity to contact, their past, their station in life, and what they are currently thinking. We do this all the time when we approach a crowd, reading which foot each person has their weight on, what angle they are holding their heads, whether their backs are straight or slumped. Reading a crowd or individual by the way they carry their body and clothes is one of the reasons we still go to public places.”

Stay tuned for future blog posts about the making of this new project!


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