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We’re Hiring! [Closed]

Update 1/30/18: We are currently finished hiring for Project Manager positions. Please check our blog or social media pages for upcoming opportunities if you are interested in working at Creative Machines in the future!

Interested in joining our team? We are actively seeking qualified Project Managers for both Interactive Exhibits & Public Art. Read more about the position below and follow the link at the bottom of the page to learn more or apply!

Job Summary

As project manager you would assume primary responsibility for the budget, design supervision and timetable of interactive museum exhibits, trade show exhibits with tight deadlines and permanent public art installations.

Responsibilities and Duties

You would be the primary point of contact between external clients, sub-contractors, and suppliers, as well as in-house designers and our fabrication department. You would be assisted by our designers, fabricators, other project managers and company President. A group of 2 to 4 designers will report directly to you. In a given year you may work with 3 to 10 clients on relatively complex jobs that span 3 to 18 months.

Qualifications and Skills

You are a project manager at heart. You love figuring out all the details of a project, how they are interrelated and marshaling them into a coherent whole that comes together over time. You also understand and love the world of design where some project requirements are absolute but others are complex and defined subjectively.

You need to enjoy talking with people about details without losing sight of the whole project. Your typical day will include lots of emails, phone calls, and visits to people’s desks – each interaction becoming a tiny part of an evolving whole. You must juggle many details without dropping any. You are the glue holding the entire process together from initial discussions with the client to final installation.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Check out the job description & apply today! → Apply Here!


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