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Wet Wheel Coming to Tucson, AZ

The City of Tucson (where we are based) has commissioned a piece titled Wet Wheel, a 20-foot wide and 14-ft tall bike wheel that will straddle a portion of a mixed-use biking/pedestrian path like a gateway. The spokes would be absent except when a cyclist rides through the center, water jets appear in the place of spokes and give the rider an approximately one-second spray of water— a much needed and refreshing way to cool off in the intense, Arizona sun! Wet Wheel will straddle a portion of the mixed-use path that is optional so people can choose if they would like to get wet or not.

For cyclists and pedestrians, Wet Wheel will offer a welcome burst of cool, refreshing water on a hot day. Neighborhood children and parents can use the area as a small splash park. As a piece of sculpture, it will act both as a gateway to pass through and as a monument to cycling culture. It will become a gathering place, a destination, and a marker of one’s passage through the area. We can’t wait to bring this exciting new sculpture to the people of our wonderful city!


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