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Camaraderie Installed!

“When you are in a dangerous spot, no one wants to be alone. We have to survive together.”

“We never forget the people we served with. Even if we don’t talk to them, we always think of them.”

“We are a family. We are serious about what we have to do. You never have to worry about someone undermining you. It is all about helping and making sure that everyone is OK.”

“It’s kind of a family deal. But they are closer than family.”

These are just some of the phrases included in our newly installed public art piece, Camaraderie. The work is a series of three massive stainless steel sculptures that commemorate the concept of friendship and brotherhood in the United States Armed Forces. The sculpture integrates words collected from veterans who shared their exceptional stories of solidarity and kinship. The words provided by veterans are presented on three chevron inspired forms; an important symbol used in the military that dates back to at least the 12th century. These chevron shapes have been placed on their sides giving reference to a military flight formation. The three sculptures are grouped together to illustrate the importance of teamwork and cooperation. The pieces are installed at a new VA clinic in San Jose, California. Check out photos from the installation below!

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